Summer 2017 – First Impressions

Anyone here waving the white flag?

So it may be unfair to compare this season to an abnormally strong year that was 2016, but the vast majority of these premieres drag me to sleep. Well, all hope is not lost since we have a potential classic in the making (Made in Abyss) and a damn good crowd pleaser (Welcome to the Ballroom). As long as I can see a show that is great for my taste, I think this season wins in the end.

Let us start?


20. Konbini Kareshi


Watching paint dry is much better than watching this show. They managed to make my cup of tea (romantic comedy) very boring in every way possible! However, I am still going to keep this just to see how low can it get in the end.

19. Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-san


This is going to be another Sakamoto desu Ga. I am bailing out! Damn, the jokes are also annoying. What’s with the dude that always shows his abs?

18. Netsuzou Trap


Ah – bring on the trash. I will eat it. Seriously, this is a very trashy episode. I am not hooked – but at least it is doing something to keep me awake!

17. Aho Girl


Please do not ever let the main lead get near me because she annoys the hell out of me. The side leads are also irritating as well, making the jokes really flat when these are delivered.

16. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan


This could have been a glorious trainwreck if not for the serious presentation. You know why? I was expecting an intelligent discussion on how they debunk claims on miracles happening on churches but they went to the horror/mystery route. And it felt really half-baked.

15. Fate/Apocrypha


The genki Saber aside, this premiere is a dozer in every sense. The visuals are also a letdown. I do not care about the heavy handed explanation on how on Earth this Great Holy Grail War happened. I adored Fate/Zero because of its take on human behavior and how low they can get given the right circumstances.

14. Shokouku no Altair


I wish the palates it used to draw its characters were used in its storytelling instead. The pacing is too brisk for my enjoyment and they dived right in the plot without proper world building. I was left confused as hell to be honest.

13. Dive!!


Eh? I think Battery has a better premiere than this colorless first episode. I get that this is trying to evoke a ‘noitamina’ feel by setting the story first before its characters but do not count me invested over a lead that feels detached himself.

12. Koi to Uso


Koi to Uso is far from good but it knows how to wear stupid well. It has a ridiculous premise and it makes sure the characters have dubious reasons to make the story work.

11. Nana Maru Sanbatsu


I would have put this in DECENT if not for the horribly misplaced panty jokes. That aside, it earned points by making a boring premise more enjoyable than it really is.

10. Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul


God. This sequel is killing me for its too somber presentation. I need spunk, and not this faux-seriousness Bahamut is evoking for a long time now. While this episode is an improvement from the last one, the main plot still moves too slow for my taste. The new OP is also ridiculously cheesy I puked but the ED was hilarious in a good way.


9. Re: Creators


I thought of putting this to EH? because of its nonstop verbosity. However, the idea is there, it was clearly told and the story has substance. Take the recent episode for example, the pains of creating a crossover series is real and the creators are feeling that. Fights happen and they somehow reconcile in the end. I gagged when someone from a shoujo manga got in Re: Creators. What is she going to do there?

8. Sakura Quest


A breather episode for the viewers and the characters. It is quite lovely to be honest. I just do not like the new OP though. It felt too rock for the lighthearted slice of life Sakura Quest is offering.

7. Tsurezure Children


I had a good time laughing in the skits it presented. The part about the Astronomy Club president and his kouhai got me in the feels though. I wished this was a full series instead of a short.

6. Hitorijime My Hero


One of the better yaoi mangas got animated and I am happy with what the staff did in this premiere. If they can iron out the confusing narrative Hitorijime My Hero presented, I think more people will be able to appreciate this. Masahiro is a good protagonist and the irritating dynamics of Kensuke and Hasekura are toned down. Consensual relationships in yaoi are rare and I am happy to see one being animated.

5. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu


Now this is a decent premiere from ufotable. After three consecutive misses (I am counting Unlimited Blade Works here), we got something that has spark and kept me awake while watching it. I am also a History nerd so my biases are working here.

4. Compulsive Gambler (Kakegurui)


Camp? Check. Irreverence? Check. Fun? Check. If you are going to be a ridiculous series, make sure you dial the crazies over 9,000 to make it enjoyable. I do not mind Kakegurui being plotless but the campy aspect leaves me wanting for more.

3. My Hero Academia, S2


The first episode of the second cour of My Hero Academia S2 retains all the strengths of the series. If you are still watching this show, get ready for the clunky new OP and the whimsical new ED.


2. Welcome to the Ballroom


Then you get the most commercial new show 2017 has ever produced. After Haikyuu!!, this seems to be the next winner from Production IG. While there’s nothing new with its template, the animation is on point and so with our set of characters. There you go, we are going to root for another underdog here folks!


1. Made in Abyss


I give you this. Made in Abyss has probably the best premiere from any show in 2017. World building is its forte and couple that with likable characters then you got a winner. However, I implore you to watch this right now given the effort the staff poured in giving life to this manga. The artwork feels alien for an anime, and I am really okay with that. Even the character designs felt more Western than Japanese but it compliments well to the otherworldly visuals. Bring it on!

By the way, I am going to drop Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-san and Aho Girl right way. I might also drop another five of these after the third episode.


5 thoughts on “Summer 2017 – First Impressions

  1. Summer 2017 titles are potentially good and worth to anticipate, unlike the previous season. For instance, Ballroom e Youkoso seems to dominate this season and I could see lots of positive feedback on it from its well-presented plot that pertains to the art of dance which I guess, has its own uniqueness that further adds a good spice for the show.

    I also have a high expectation to Shoukoku no Altair. I’m fond of watching history-inspired anime shows. Plot wise, it somehow catches my interest as it depicts a strong political perspective and a fantastical epic setting. 🙂


    1. Well, Ballroom e Yokoso is polished and well presented so the positive feedback is expected. If only I can get used with the loooong necks. Haha.

      I am opting to finish Shoukoku no Altair, but I am not hot with the first episode to be honest.

      Ow, also, the ratio of good new shows to old shows is high this season and that’s a good thing.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shoukoku’s first episode was kind of confusing. There were few terms that the show didn’t bother to re-emphasize to the audience, most especially to those who aren’t enthusiastic enough to take a glance on history-inspired setting. I don’t have a comprehensive background when it comes to Turskish history, but I hope the fantastical epic show will offer a good sense of narrative. What particularly engaged me was the main character. I’m looking for his development. More adventures and action-packed scenes would be more compelling for the anime. 🙂

        I guess, Ballroom e Youkoso will be one of the best series for the summer season. It’s going viral in various anime sites, and I can see it deserves the trend. 🙂


  2. I must admit, this is the most interesting season in a while. Made in the abyss seems a strong competitor for best of the year lists, Academia is on a scale of quality constantly sliding upwards, and Kakegurui is… well, you’d never see anything like it outside of an anime. Between Touken Ranbu and Titan, the implementation of CG in anime seems to be improving, for me at least. Welcome to the Ballroom has some real breakout potential, or at least it would if it wasn’t exclusive to Amazon.

    Amazarashi isn’t a favourite? That’s a shame; the new OP for Academia is my favourite of the series so far.


    1. I like Amazarashi but I don’t think their pieces fit for a shounen show like Academia.

      In fairness to ufotable, they’re good with incorporating CGIs and hand drawn art, Well, as you can see, I am liking Touken Ranbu so far (but that can be because of the bishies lol) since it has a more sensible story than Zestiria.


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