Summer 2017 – Three Episode Test

At least, the big drop is not going to happen anytime soon.

There we go – we are now on the third week of Summer 2017 and you get a bahamut (haha) of shows that need (or not) to be watched. Well, my expectation that this season will have diversity is met, but damn my poor preview predicting abilities because Vatican Kousakan was a hot mess (the Ballroom show is good though). I also dropped Aoyama-kun because it is just weird minus the camp, and Aho Girl is too much for my poor kokoro. I mean, is that even supposed to be funny? I feel  they forgot to put the fun in their puns.

My apologies for lots of Kakegurui shots but it has a mine of good reaction faces.



1. Made in Abyss

Justification: The series remained otherworldly and so far has done an awesome job in evoking atmospheric setting coupled with lovable characters. I am kind of annoyed on how the West reacted with the string punishment as pedobait but well, we cannot please everyone. Folks, now that Reg and Riko will go down the Abyss, I expect awesome visuals and some dark twists along the way.



2. My Hero Academia S2

Justification: Shounen flicks may go high and low, and My Hero Academia is currently experiencing its second peak thanks to the Hero Killer, Tenya’s drama and Deku and Todoroki tandem. I cannot wait to see more in this show since it feels like a better paced big title shounen show.

3. Tsurezure Children

Justification: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun it isn’t, but it has gargantuan charm storming through the sea of bland shows this season. You want feels? This show has lots of it! Or maybe not because you are busy laughing with these awkward high school students having trouble expressing their feelings with each other.

4. Koi to Uso

Justification: Koi to Uso is getting crazier every episode and I am that person who loves everything insane in anime. The show is stupid but it is purposely so given the execution. Yet it can be serious if it needs to. I just do not like that the MC is a doormat, but the other characters are good (as in craaaazy kind of good). If you want campy high school drama laced in a pretentious premise, go gobble this show.

5. Kakegurui

Justification: It took a dip in terms of enjoyment since they had to humanize Jabami but Saotome is filling the role nicely in the recent episodes. Come on, camp is what I need in this show. Give. It. Now! Jabami is still mai waifu though. Such a crazy lead.

6. Welcome to the Ballroom

Justification: Am I the only one who thinks this show is a bit…. slow? Or has inconsistent animation quality? I mean, I love this because Tatara is a Deku (MCs that think and strive their way to success) and the show is respectful enough to ballroom. Then the first ballroom dance came, and that was presented in still images. Ugh. What a shame.



7. Gamers!

Justification: Who would have thought that one of my last minute picks will end up as one of the better shows this Summer so far? Gamers feel like your circa 2010s series sans the raunchy and the comedy works when it’s good. Tasuku is perhaps the linchpin of this show although Karen is a fine character too. Man, it’s been a while since I got invested in a light novel high school romcom.

8. Sakura Quest

Justification: Sakura Quest was able to rank high thanks to the backstory of the elders in Manoyama. Other than that, the show is a tad sterile but I appreciate the toning down of triteness in the latest episodes. I feel sad it wasn’t able to match Shirobako’s success though. PA Works needs to write another love letter to the anime industry soon, I guess.

9. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

Justification: I am scratching my head as to why this show has a damn low score in MAL. While it’s nothing special, this series is perfectly serviceable in terms of action and storytelling. Maybe the bishies strategy backfired to its favor, but Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu does not deserve all the hate it received. I just want more of a bigger plot though.

10. Hitorijime My Hero

Justification: Ah – I am expecting this series to shoot up to my Top 5 at the end of season once the meh Hitorijime My Boyfriend part is completely adapted. For now, I will just grunt as to why Masahiro and Kosouke are the background characters of their own show.

11. Classroom of the Elite

Justification: This is OreGairu meets Assassination Classroom without the comedy or the drama. The ideology is there which makes it watchable but I am not hot with the characters nor the ambiance of its settings. A terrible place, sure, but they do not have to make the show really dull both to the eyes and my enjoyment.



12. Konbini Kareshi

Justification: The weird thing is, Haruki, our introverted male lead is the reason I am still watching this show. He is passive, but not that kind of passive to lose his personality. He does not want to get involved with things, but stumbles himself with bits of trouble. Actually, his romantic partner is the one I am weirded off. My biggest criticism about this show is it is presented way too real that it begins to feel dry. The quiet moments are too quiet for its own good that I am thinking that probably Konbini Kareshi might have been better off as a live action, or a sitcom.

13. Re: Creators

Justification: Should have been better as a thirteen episode anime series, seriously. The pacing is horrible, the dialogue is thinly stretched and I am not sure whether the payoff will be good given the excessive talking. Then there are two episode breaks! Come on. On a more positive note, the show will probably rebound in terms of animation given the ample time.

14. Nana Maru Sanbatsu

Justification: This humble show is a bit boring, but is perfectly respectable in creating life out of a doze-worthy premise. It can benefit from a more snappy presentation though.

15. Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul

Justification: Dear God, I regretted wishing for a sequel in Shingeki no Bahamut because the gods have destroyed what I liked with this since then. The best part in this cour so far is Favaro throwing smoke bombs to create an escape for the dumb knight and Azazel. That only lasted for three minutes. Also, the new ED is hilariously delicious.

16. Dive!

Justification: Ah – this is Battery if they started with the pointless drama that plagued the series in its second half. I am nearing dropping this show out of boredom. Who are these characters? Why am I supposed to root for them? That sensei is hot though.

17. NTR

Justification: This show is a trash. I am a trash. I am going to watch this in the end.



2 thoughts on “Summer 2017 – Three Episode Test

  1. There are too many darn streaming sites! Made in the Abyss is exclusive to hidive (and locked behind a pay wall), Kakegurui and Fate/A are stuck at Netflix until they release in full a season later, Ballroom is trapped at amazon, Recreators and Bahamut are both unstreamable in Australia.

    Side note: The trailer for Heaven’s Feel dropped. I hope Ufotable staff aren’t dying under the weight of all the anime they’re doing this year.


    1. Man, I felt bad for every show that was locked somewhere in streaming sites. Isn’t it counterproductive with the aim of earning via legal streaming though?

      Ah, I honestly do. Yet then, ufotable rarely slips in terms of animating its work. I just hope for a better story this time tho. I loved Fate Zero, hated the 2014 Fate S/N.

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