The Most Disappointing Anime Series of 2017

I will go full brutal in this list.

In hindsight, 2017 was a good year for anime since it managed not to stoop to the rock bottom that was called 2015. However, it surely knows how to disappoint with series that began so good only to fizzle later. The year is also infamous for killing sequels left and right. Boy, I did realize that what almost every sequel sucked in comparison to their first season save for a few (Attack on Titan, since it was a glorious gore).

Again, the term disappointing does not equate to worst as some of these entries also ended up in my best of year list. It’s just… you cannot help but feel underwhelmed when these shows gave the big reveal and you were like “That was it?!.” Without further ado, let me give the reasons why I deem these titles the most disappointing for the year.

10. Ao no Exorcist – Kyoto Fujou-hen


Slick production and faithful adaptation to the manga are usually a good combination to create a decent show. Ao No Exorcist was basically that A-1 Pictures poster shounen series until I realized they sucked the life out of the series in the Kyoto Arc. The thing with good shounen shows like My Hero Academia is they are able to mix the serious and the comedic seamlessly. Yet they decided to present this Ao no Exorcist sequel with a somber tone that it crossed over dull. Also, the pacing was extremely wobbly, probably due to the fact that the staff overadapted the manga.

09. Juuni Taisen

Juuni Taisen was a fascinating watch — until they killed the Monkey that justified the reversed Zodiac order that  also killed the tension, and they focused on the goddamn (but cute) Dragon Brothers. Please note that the Rabbit and the Ox (the best characters honestly) did not get their respective back stories. Eat that. Like, what the actual fuck Juuni Taisen? The last two episodes about the Rat were great though, if not for the fact the I already had the bitter aftertaste of experiencing bad animation, focusing on the wrong characters and uber-predictable plot twists.

08. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu ka


ACCA is a chill and good show about planning a coup, people getting paranoid over a certain buzz and some blue-haired stalker to a royal blood. The deal breaker for me was the deliberate pacing which  makes you think of a grand revelation, only to fizzle towards the last episode. Sure, a two-minute speech can stop a coup de etat. Yes – the military is that dumb. I kind of like Jean’s and Nino’s respective background and the slow building chess game about politics. It’s just – the climax was stupid.

07. The Eccentric Family S2


The Eccentric Family is one of the best shows in 2017 and has no business in doing in this list – only if this was not a continuation to an all-time great first season. The first three episodes which were focused on Tenmaya were irritating at worst, then you got the final twist of Ebisugawa disguising as his eldest son. I am also a bit underwhelmed on how they treated the Nidaime since he was just a plot tool rather than an actual character. Other than that, The Eccentric Family retains what made the first season great. The poor sequel has just some very high hurdles to climb and kind of stumbled in that aspect.

06. Suka Suka – World End


Can’t we just reduce this show to three episodes? I mean, get the first episode and lump that to the climax then you get an amazing anime movie about someone losing herself and a guy who is willing to save her at all cost. Too bad, we got 8 episodes of filler in between. Chtolly’s story was devastating in paper but the staff decided to animate every single thing in that orphanage…. which lost its emotional punch until the very end.

05. Seikaisuru Kado


Oh Seikaisuru Kado. I consider this as one of the best shows in 2017 until that forced romance with Tsukai, the staff decided to kill Shindou just because and zaShunina became a fucking antagonist. The ending does not make sense either in which it disposes everything it has as a sci-fi show over deus ex machina (the fucking Namois-hen!). While I was sad that one of my husbandos died, I was sadder by the fact that they choose that distasteful ending. Everything before that was A+ material though as it allows you to see why this was rendered in CG. It also has some interesting philosophies about humanity.

04. Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul


I love angels, I really do. Yet I found myself hating their anime versions since they destroyed the tone of Shingeki no Bahamut. Why do they have to be portrayed as self-righteous to a fault? Do I also have to mention the last minute twist of killing Jean D’Arc’s son and the batman storyline of Charioce? No. Good, since I smell bullshit along the way. Too bad, this is MAPPA’s most beautiful show in 2017 and it is sad to see a legit good show (Kakegurui) suffer from production problems and this did not.

03. Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World


I’ll just remind you that Kino had a serious death match with a sheep in the finale. So if you are a fan of the timeless first season and you just laughed with what you read, avoid the sequel at all cost. Studio Lerche made a fatal mistake of giving Kino a reactive personality since Kino’s Journey is best served cold. The series beauty relies on how twisted the countries are, and not on how Kino would react to the matter. Sigh.

02. Welcome to the Ballroom


It would be awesome if the show featured actual dancing to be honest. The moment Kiyoharu and Hanaoka danced, that was when I lost all hope to Welcome to the Ballroom. The manga featured a lot of dancing and Production IG failed to anime these properly….. up until episode 23. That was 17 episodes way too late. The story about a young man finding his voice in a sexist dance is endearing, what I did not like was the lack of good dance sequence. Well, the manga was hard to adapt anyway… even so….

01. Re: Creators


Re: Creators is what happened when you tried to create an original show that has great concept but squandered it by giving this a double cour. I could not stand watching Altair being the overpowered boss for over 15 episodes without making much point at all. Worse, you got these characters talking in a Monogatari-styled manner without the directional quirks. So what do you expect me to do? Yeah, I hit the playback 2x whenever Souta and Meteora talked. Oh, there’s the annoying Izaya-clone who overstayed her welcome and the staff forgot what to do with her in the end. Yeah, Re: Creators turned from “this could be great” to “this again?!” in a span of 22 episodes.

Honorable Mentions: Eromanga-sensei for not being trashy enough, Princess Principal for that awful open ending, Classroom of the Elite for the fillers and the over-deconstruction of Light Novel tropes that it became a trope in itself, Inuyashiki since MAPPA destroyed the show and Netjuu no Susume for devolving to your regular shoujo flick in the very final episode.


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