So, What Happened to Spring 2018?

I was not totally expecting a shit-ton of disappointments here.

Spring 2018 was supposed to be the antithesis of the heartwarming Winter 2018, and it started right. Yet somewhere along this season, these shows started to fizzle and I just kind of watching these until the end.

Perhaps these shows have some serious pacing issues and/or lazy plot, that I ceased to bother caring once I realized the twist five episodes away. Darling in the Franxx is the worst offender since it took nineteen episodes for the stupid grand reveal to be told ala Re: Creators way and then it went full Gurren Lagann the next episode only if that was badly told. Cardcarptor Sakura was even worse, damn, since it ended in the middle of an arc. I do not know what happened to CLAMP but stuffing the mundane in 22 episodes is not totally worth it.

As regards to new shows, Hinamatsuri just gave up anything that resembles a plot and focused on delivering absurd albeit good comedic punches. Well, I guess it reminds me of Kannagi but less fun. The comedy sort of became predictable even in its surreal nature so I need something to keep me entertained.

Then you have the best show this season, which rightfully belongs to Megalo Box, but damn, I cannot help that it will pull a stupid plot twist near the end. I also have some serious issues on its pacing since they just decide to come up with two detours to the competition near the climax. It’s just… tiring you know. Golden Kamuy will likely end in the middle of an arc but less frustrating than Cardcaptor Sakura because of its insane nature. Also, this show is becoming real gay. I kind of wished these two shows slow down a bit. But then, my experience is not that ruined given their snappy pacing. (PS: I like it)

Tada-kun Doesn’t Fall In Love is more like, Tada-kun Doesn’t Get Anywhere but then, it is cute. The melancholic tone of the last four episodes kind of won me. Tada-kun indeed fell in love, but at the wrong person, I guess? Wotakoi also verges on being too much cute, but I liked Hirotaka’s episodes. Yet then, it only delved on the topic shallow. I do not know. It seemed to lose its spunk. There is also a whiplash in terms of episodic offerings. I swear the video game voice ruined these episodes for me.

Do not even begin with Full Metal Panic and Tokyo Ghoul. I just lost tracking of their respective plot this time. It’s just, who are these characters and why should I care about them after all? The plot itself is not that engaging in the first place. You got a freaking time skip in the former, and straightforward bullshit with the latter. Piano no Mori is a bit better since it at least got Kai’s character development right but I am also having a whiplash to the pacing and the godawful CG artwork. It has a good plot though. What a shame that IG or any other studio did not get hold of this amazing show. Shokugeki no Souma? Not so much. There is a fine line between a good villain and a bad one. Azami is a bad one. This kind of villain makes you want to just end the show already since all he has is “BUWAHAHHA I AM THE HEAD OF CENTRAL AND FUCK THE REBELS JUST BECAUSE”.

If you are still hoping that this season will churn out something entertaining, Black Clover is on a roll but you have to catch up with 30 plus (and a lot of duds) episodes before. Magical Ore is trash, but I am still caught off-guard with its jokes every now and then. Lupin III is becoming my favorite show this season thanks to its ever-changing artwork and tone. Legend of the Galactic Heroes has Yang Wen-li and the ideals that make you at least pause and think (although the depth is kinda lacking). Sword Art Online Alternative is fun and stupid, but that’s the essence of SAO. Also, no Kirito so it is legit fun!

Lastly, Boku no Hero Academia is just great. Watch it if you have the time. The show does not have to be original to be awesome. What elevated this meh is its execution. From voice acting to the animation to the background music, everything is on point if you can forget Mineta. Thanks, Bones!

Until then, see you at my end of season post. I am not just having it.


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