I have been an anime junkie since childhood. Anime shows were actually a thing in our country during afternoons and early evenings. However, I totally stopped watching when I was in college due to my reading intensive school requirements as a part of being an accounting student.
I chose to teach after passing the board examination. It seems like I already forgot the experience an anime show can bring until one of my students gave me a copy of the first cour of Sword Art Online two years ago. For a profession with lots of free time, I chose to watch episode one at 8:00 pm. The next thing I knew, it was already two in the morning and I was bawling due to Yui disappearing while Asuna seemed to lose all of her hopes that time. The ending scene of episode fourteen was also permanently burned in the back of my mind. I blabbered the euphoria I had the following day in my class. I don’t want to bother stating my experience with the Alfheim arc but Sword Art Online reacquainted me to the amazing world of anime. While this is certainly not the best out there, it made me realize that this medium reignited my imagination as well as my desire to push my creative limits.
As others may say, the rest is history. I went to discover many great ones about one hundred and fifty animes later. Clannad will forever struck me as the sole show which left me bawling for episodes. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Baka and Test reaffirmed my faith with comedy while shows like Shiki and Shin Sekai Yori showed me that anime is not just for kids and can be a thought provoking device.
On how I was able to immerse myself more in anime, I think it roots from a more dramatic reason. It was during the wake of my late father and I was tasked to guard his remains in the wee hours of the morning. I was all alone at those times and I want to have some sort of diversion from the fact that I am actually seeing my father’s lifeless body in a coffin. To escape from the fangs of solitude and loneliness using a portable tablet, I thought that maybe watching anime shows at 3 am would at least ease what I felt. These were Fate Zero, Haruhi Suzumiya and Psycho Pass and boy, I was right. 
Although I still cried a lot during the funeral, I think it was lessened by the fact that I have those shows. These characters (or the writers) felt what it is like to lose someone important and it’s not a fairy tale where everyone will just say that it is okay. Since then, watching animes has been a staple for my daily life even after I am now an employee. It was as if it saved me from a certain risk of not moving forward.
As regards to my most favorite series, the animes above will hold a special place in my heart despite their glaring weaknesses. I am also in love with Mushi-shi and Death Parade for their masterful storytelling and with Hyouka, just because it is the most visually arresting anime I have watched in my life. For as long as the execution and the visual are great, I am going to love the series regardless of the genre.

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