Spring 2016 – Week 8 in Anime (Part 2)

This week is not a total failure at all thanks to these shows.

I still stand by the fact that finding new shows for my year-end list this season remains bleak. However, these placid titles are my comfort food whenever I watch anime shows. This is a nice reprieve from the meh-ness of yesterday’s overview.


Sheez. Tenga, you are for Chidori. Resist her charm!

Kiznaiver‘s on a roll for the past three weeks and this episode sealed the deal for me this season. Sure, its romance aspect remains cheesy as ever but I cannot help but liking these characters whenever they are together. I used to be irritated with Hisomu but his blunt remarks this week about Maki’s trauma is on point and led to a rather poignant scene between the latter and Yuta. Okada sure loves to create pairings which can be pain in the neck but it suits Kiznaiver’s rather experimental premise. Moreover, I am glad the major plot begins to show at this point now that the nature of Kiznaiver project is slowly getting revealed. (Honestly, a montage of Kacchon remembering his younger days until the end of this episode is really amazing). Lastly, I am excited to see how on Earth this show will wrap its Kokoro Connect-esque story while developing its characters.

TL:DR – This episode cemented my confusion as what to like this season. That’s all. Concrete Revolutio is very good, great even but Kiznaiver got my heart at this point.


I can hear an internal monologue with that fox wanting to chomp these three.
I can hear an internal monologue with that fox wanting to chomp these three.

Flying beetles err… Witch continued the comically potent restaurant skit and it worked big time. Color me amused by these weird customers who were shown this week. Moreover, a naturalistic world of witchcraft where everything is placid is a very refreshing take in shows like this. I mean, can you name any other show where witches and normal beings live together without much conflict? (Aria is one but, I do not think it tackled about witchcraft) The best part of this episode? Chinatsu dubbing what these beetles are saying. That gave me a good laugh. Makoto remains the weakest link but who cares when we got Chinatsu and Kei?

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless bounced back with laughs in this week’s gag focused episode. I find Tanaka and Echizen’s combination really funny to watch as the former trolls the latter. I am also with Tanaka-kun as I asked why on Earth Echizen is a delinquent when she acts so moe? Ohta and Tanaka delivered funny lines, as usual and I expect it to be like this until it finishes airing.


Why do I see Sakamoto Desu Ga? as a fujoshi bait series?
Why do I see Sakamoto Desu Ga? as a fujoshi bait series?

Sakamoto Desu Ga?‘s first half is amusing, thanks to the ever weird premise of renting R-18 videos in Japan. Is it really that difficult? While I am still not laughing with Sakamoto’s antics, I find the skit entertaining enough to keep me awake. The second half is a mixed bag but it managed to be a bit touching (Sakamoto’s line about that race being her own memory is rather cute) and it ended on a nice note. I am grossed out by that saliva-filled baton though. Darn it.

Uhh… Yes, no Kuromukuro this week. I need a weekly dose of Kennosuke! Err.


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